Our Story

Once upon a time, Gregory was a Sailor in the United States Navy.  After 6 longs years, his command threw him a party at a local piano bar.  It was finally time for him to become a civilian again.   

Once upon a time, Michelle was a Doctor of Physical Therapy student. After 2 long years, her friends invited her to a local piano bar for a send off.  It was finally time to go do doctory things.

After grueling over a hot piano for months, Gregory was determined to start life as a civilian by making a fool of himself.  Up on stage he went to play, not knowing his life would change that night.

Michelle donned a leopard-print skater dress and a pair of red “Amy Winehouse” pumps, and set off for the night.  Watching a sailor up on stage play Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles,” she was determined to prove to her friends it wasn’t difficult to chat up a guy at the bar.

She said, “Hi, my name is Michelle.”

He said, “Hi, I’m Gregory.  If you forget, it’s on my uniform.”

She never forgot his name (as far as he knows). Neither can remember what they talked about all night, but they’ve talked every day for 4 years since.

That night, Michelle and Gregory shared their first dance to “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk.  

The rest is history, as they say.

We call it a good start.

“The only thing that really matters is that you’ve met this girl, at this party.  Getting lucky is… meeting someone for the first time and it just clicking.  There’s no better fortune in this existence.”
~ Pharrell Williams